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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Infinity Systems or our processes? Check out our most frequently asked questions below.

How soon can we get started?

Right away. The set-up process is quick and easy.

How much time will it take us to get this up and running?

We just need to confirm a few details and the survey-launch message can be shared right away.

Are there any technical requirements or systems we need in place?

We work directly with your IT team to ensure surveys can be safely and securely received. It is usually just a matter of minutes for allowed list steps to be in place. Infinity Systems provides technical support for your employees as needed.

What is the typical time frame from launch to results presentation?

We generally keep the survey open for 2 weeks. Within 1-2 weeks from the close date, we will have a summary review presentation ready to walk through with leaders and full reports to share directly after. So 3-4 weeks from survey launch, you have actionable data.

What should I expect to see in my data results?

We will share overall score, scores in each focus area, comments and scores by demographic. Before launch, we will confirm the demographics to be gathered and will share data in a variety of ways, based on your preferences.

What is the timeframe to conduct a follow-up survey to measure progress?

Annual surveys allow you to measure progress from your baseline and transparently shares your organizational commitment with your employees. As you take action, you can measure your results each year to determine where to make adjustments, communicate areas of improvement, and continue to ensure that employee voices are heard. This helps our clients hold themselves accountable to their strategic priorities, growing the trust employees have in their organizations and their leaders.

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