Podcast – Misadventures in not Connecting Salespeople to Mission and Vision

Leaders in organizations all over work hard to maximize efficiencies in processes and equipment. They strive for ways to get the most profit out of each sale through these improvements.

However, when they don’t see revenue grow the way they foresee, they come looking for Danita Bye. Danita is a long time sales consultant and coach helping small and medium sized businesses develop high-performing sales cultures. This includes building foundations that attract and build new Millennial workforces (she’s the author of Millenials Matter: Proven Strategies For Building your Next-Gen Leader).

We talk with Danita about her experience aligning sales people and organizations to their mission and vision, especially through the concepts of accountability, servant leadership and love. It’s a fun, wide-ranging conversation that’s sure to spark ideas on how you can become a better leader.